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» Personal Grounds Care

Many of our clients used to worry about having the time or knowledge to take care of their annual and perennial beds. As a result we started our Personal Grounds Care Service.

Our professional staff will help you care for your plants. Among the services offered:

- Scheduled upkeep
- Weeding
- Watering and Fertilizing
- Dead heading of plants
- Pruning
- Disease and Critter Control

» Annuals

Nothing adds more color to the landscape than annual flowers!

The availability of different flower and foliage colors and textures have tripled in the last ten years.

Annual flowers can be planted directly in the ground or in decorative pots or containers. Containerizing allows you to add color to decks, patios and other hard surfaces.

Share your ideas or let us design!

» Maintenance

Do any of these sound like you??

- Hate to weed?
- Not sure when to prune?
- Not sure when to fertilize?
- Have a brown thumb?
- Just don't have the time?

If so, let River City Lawnscape help. Our professional Personal Grounds Care staff can keep your flower garden at optimum health.

» Bulbs

Spring flowering bulbs can be a welcome sign of better weather ahead! Bulbs add color and texture to a once drab and colorless landscape.

Bulbs can be mixed in with annual or perennial flowers to extend the blooming season. They also may be interspersed throughout a landscape to create pockets of color.

Most bulbs are planted in the fall and will continue to rebloom for several years before they need dividing. Many colors and flower times are available.

» Mums

Chrysanthemums have been a very popular fall accent for many years. However, mums are not the only item River City Lawnscape offers to add autumn interest.

Other plants include Aster, Kale, Pansies and Ornamental Grasses. We also create decorative displays that can include pumpkins, squash, strawbales and corn shalks.

Remember Mum is not the only word .......

» Pottery

Decorative Pots, planted or not, can add a great deal of interest to the landscape. Pots can be used in landscape beds or placed in key locations on decks, patios or walkways. Hanging baskets are also excellent accents.

At River City Lawnscape we offer many different varieties of pots and baskets. We can also use your existing pots or baskets.

A very popular offering is our Spring Forward Service. We keep your pots over the winter, add soil and flowers in the spring and hold them until it's safe for your outdoor display.

» Seasonal Accents

We all decorate the inside of our homes seasonally. Why not do the same to the outside?

After a long winter nothing welcomes in the change of the seasons like flowering bulbs. Tulips, Daffodils and Hyancinth are just a few of our flower options.

Next our crew can usher in summer with annual flowers. We can design pots, urns, window boxes or landscape beds that will add that color punch to the outdoors.

As we move towards Autumn those pots or beds can be transformed into a fall theme. Mums, Asters and Kale can be mixed in with displays of pumpkins, straw bales and corn stalks.

Then comes the dreaded winter months. Do you hate cold weather? Shiver thinking about hanging lights outdoors? We can help. Our Holiday Lighting staff hangs roof and tree lights, places wreaths and garland and decorates the outdoor pots and displays.

No worries about storage either! We can store your pots, holiday lights etc. It is a turnkey operation!

» Irrigation

In order to best maintain your lawn, these are the steps we suggest with our Irrigation maintenance Program:

Initial Spring Start-up:

Turn system on
Check and make as needed repairs
System adjustment (sprinkler head adjustment for best lawn coverage)
Set timer
Irrigation Check-up (2 Visits)

Inspect for non- covered areas and over watering
Check and run the system
Make any necessary adjustments
Timer adjustments based on amount of precipitation or lack of
Irrigation Shut Down

Start system and check for needed repairs
Shut down timers and water supply
Perform system blowout

» Structural Insect Management (SIM)

This program is designed to help eliminate insect invasion of your home. An insecticide is applied two feet up the side of the structure and three feet out on the ground. We have created a three application process that will ensure optimal results.

A licensed technician will come to your home and measure the square footage surrounding your foundation. A written estimate will then be mailed to you for authorization.

We will begin the first round of applications in April, with follow up visits in July and September. The application can be applied as often as once a month. Call to set up this appointment or to schedule this service monthly.