Abundant and easy to grow, asparagus are often one of the earliest crops to emerge in spring and are a delightful sight after a long winter. Harvest new spears every 1-3 days for four to eight weeks, depending on the age and establishment of the plant. Once harvest ends, spears will extend to tall, graceful, fine-textured leaves that add interesting aesthetic to the garden.

Choose your site wisely and prep the soil prior to planting, as properly planted asparagus can produce for 15 - 30 years. Asparagus fares best in light, rich, well-drained soil that is quick to warm up in spring. Overly wet soils will rot the roots. Amend with compost or aged manure. 

Be diligent with weeding and watering in early years while the plant establishes. Asparagus typically take 2-3 years to establish, but will then crowd out other plants and shade soil, reducing water needs.


Jersey Knight

Hardiness Zones: 3 - 8

Exposure: Full Sun - Part Sun

Harvest: spring

Mature Size: 3-4' tall, 2' wide

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