A cross between a sycamore and the Asian planetree, London Planetree is a large shade tree with beautiful bark that peels to reveal shades of yellow, green, and white. An excellent choice for year-round interest. Reaches heights of over 75 feet with a neat, pyramidal shape. Leaves are an attractive green, similar in shape to a maple. Yellow-brown fall color.

Adaptable and tolerant of urban conditions including salt, drought, and pollution. Prefers moist, well-drained soil. Will tolerate both wet and dry sites. Requires full sun. While listed as a Zone 5 hardy plant, we have had good results growing London Planetree in the La Crosse area, finding it to be hardy, fast growing, and resilient.


Bloodgood London Planetree

Hardiness Zones: 5 - 9

Exposure: Full Sun

Mature Size: 70-85' tall, 50-70' wide


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