DIY Landscape Consultation Service

 Our DIY Landscape Consultation Service is a fun and efficient way for the do-it-yourselfer to produce a polished landscape sanctuary you can be proud of! Our landscape professionals will assist you in developing a vision and help you set goals to make that vision a reality.

How It Works

  • A landscape professional will meet with you for a consultation
  • In-House (RCL Garden Center)  and On-Site Design (Client Residence) is $100.00/hour minimum 
  • Initial plant selection and DIY Process Consultation is free!
  • During the consultation, we will collaborate with you to understand both your vision and budget
  • The landscape professional will discuss the site’s possibilities and challenges (i.e. existing utilities and water sources) to create a design
  • Proper landscape techniques will be discussed to help create your paradise
  • Pruning instruction, plant identification, and evaluation provided
  • Landscape Design Specialties
  • Creative use of perennials, trees, shrubs, and grasses
  • Maintenance assessment and renovation design of existing landscape
  • Restoration of existing vegetation if needed
  • Edible gardens with fruits, vegetables, and herbs
  • Rain Garden and Water-wise design
  • Memorial garden design and plant selection

 What You Gain

  • Design service with itemized lists
  • Landscape Care & Sustainability Instructions
  • An extended educational resource and relationship with River City Lawnscape Inc.
    • (608) 571-2298 Garden Center Direct Line 
  • Delivery service available for materials!

River City Lawnscape Inc. is committed to helping you create your dream garden; whether you are freshly landscaping your new home or just want to spruce up your existing residence, we can help design your personal haven.