This outdoor living, entertaining, and relaxing space was once a multi-level deck,  the home owner was looking for a way to unify three different areas, but also create separate spaces.

There are different access points to the patios from the home, garage, backyard and side yard.  This many access points made traffic flow through the space a big factor in the design process.

The customer was interested in a feeling of substance with detail.  Because of elevation off of the ground in some of the spaces, a sense of security was also called for.  The three distinct levels were separated by stairs that were installed using the same product for all stair locations.  The size of the stair cases helped with traffic flow and provided the transition of the multiple areas of the patio spaces.

To bring the multiple spaces together, specific paver details were installed throughout the patio.  Some of the paver details, like the medallions were used to create special interest in certain areas.

The planning of entertaining, eating, and relaxing spaces on the multi-level patio has created a much more enjoyable and functional outdoor space.

This patio and courtyard area was suffering from lack of interest and had some masonry issues with the brick wall that surrounded the patio.  The customer wanted the new space to blend into the landscape so it looked as if it had been there all along.

The Existing brick walk to the courtyard remained but the charcoal border was added to tie in the old and new paver areas.  The patio space was enlarged to include a circular seating area with paver medallion.

The court yard walls were redone with two distinct patterns and columns.  The LED lighting was integrated into the columns and walls without the use of visible fixtures to provide that night time interest.  The added landscape bed area around the new space blends the area into the existing landscape and finishes off the desired always been there look.

Finished Project