Island Grill  

During and after construction

The addition of this island grill to an existing patio has served to requested functions:

  • Provide additional seating/eating space
  • Provide workspace for grilling

The existing paver patio was pulled up in the foot print of the island grill.  The island was installed according to manufactures specifications.  The existing paver was then cut around the island to finish off the space.

The installation of the island in this location allows for quick access to the grill from inside the home.  The ample work space around the grill is a welcome addition.  The island has ample storage inside the stainless steel door.  It houses 3 propane cylinders and storage for grill accessories.  The grill can be installed fueled by propane or natural gas, the choice by the customer ordered prior to installation.   There is enough room for 3-4 people, using tools or standing at the granite bar height section of the island.  This ‘back’ side of the island is complete with foot rest for those hanging out during food prep or eating and enjoying the outdoors.

During and After Construction