Canadian hemlock is a lovely, dense evergreen with flattened, deep green needles that emerge silver-white in select varieties. Excellent choice of evergreen for shady areas. Available in a variety of forms, from compact shrub to towering, pyramidal tree.

Plant in part sun to full shade. Avoid intense winter sun and wind to lessen risk of winter burn. Prefers well-drained, evenly moist soils. Benefits from a thick layer of mulch to moderate soil temperature and moisture.

Canadian Hemlock

Hardiness Zones: 3 - 8

Exposure: Full Sun - Full Shade

Mature Size: 40-60' tall, 25-30' wide


Moon Frost Hemlock

Hardiness Zones: 4 - 8

Exposure: Part Sun - Full Shade

Mature Size: 3-4' tall, 3-4' wide


Summer Snow Hemlock

Hardiness Zones: 4 - 8

Exposure: Full Sun - Full Shade

Mature Size: 15-20' tall, 10-15' wide

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