River City Lawnscape, Inc. provides a full range of design and install services, working with you to maximize the potential of your property. We want to build a long lasting relationship with our clients by offering all you need to create and maintain your landscape. In all that we do, you can see we are unique because we combine these three traits:

  • We are a Full Service Landscape Company
  • We have an Experienced and Professional Staff
  • We offer Craftsmanship in Lawnscaping

Landscape Design

River City Lawnscape, Inc. is committed to partnering with you to design your perfect environment, regardless of whether you have just found your dream home or simply want to spruce up your existing home. Our designers will help you develop your vision and set goals to make that vision a reality.


River City Lawnscape, Inc. offers many installation services. From a single tree planting to an elaborate landscape design, our experienced and professional crews will handle any job with the craftsmanship it needs.

Care for Your New Installation

Now that you have a completed installation, what do you do to care for it? Whether you have a new plant or tree, or a complete new landscape, we have instructions for you.