Use the “Request an Estimate” link or call to request a landscape estimate. Our phone number is 608-526-9780. Our Landscape administrator will contact you to set up an appointment.


Your appointment will be with one of our Landscape Designers. That first appointment will be here at River City Lawnscape, Inc. (W8123 Old HWY NA) so you can see some samples of our work to make sure what we do fits with your needs. At the initial meeting we will discuss your needs and a determination will be made if an estimate, sketch or landscape design is required. Also at that time the Designer will explain any design or planning fees. The initial consultation is free.


Once you and the Designer have agreed on a preliminary design, it will be time to focus on the details of your project. Plant ideas, landscape bed layout, hardscape materials are examples. Questions will be asked and answered. Measurements will be taken. New ideas may arise and/or previous ideas revised. In the end you will have a detailed installation plan, timeline, and contract with an associated down payment amount and payment schedule.


When we have received a signed contract and down payment, you will be placed, in turn, on our schedule. During peak season it can take up to 12 weeks from contract signing to installation, which is why many clients sign a contract while the installation plan is still being “tweaked.”

Final payment is due upon completion.  Longer term projects may require progress payments.


Prior to the beginning of your project, a Project Manager will be assigned to your construction installation. The Project Manager or your Designer will contact you with an updated schedule. Sometimes projects are delayed by uncontrollable circumstances, however, we do our best to keep you informed and minimize surprises.  River City Lawnscape, Inc. will call Diggers Hotline to mark public utilities. Personal electric, gas, water, irrigation systems, etc. lines are not marked. Please inform us of any on your property.


Upon completion we will provide information on how to care for your newly installed landscape.  If you have any questions or concerns after your project is complete please call.


We Create And Maintain Beautiful Landscapes